Francisco Torres

WordPress developer, terrible singer, #bigotito user and audiovisual communicator.

Say what?!

About me

Francisco Torres: Computer says yes.

Born in 1987. I developed myself quickly, thanks to a copious intake of food and the frequent performance of physical and mental work.

In the first years I stood out for correctly fitting the blue cylinder in the circle, that’s when I was promoted to primary school and my career began to take off by adding up two-digit numbers and even analyzing simple sentences.

What happened after?

After this commendable feat, as an anecdote, I spent several years repeatedly visiting the University of Granada to grant me papers and knowledge that prove that I am a Technical Engineer in Computer Systems and Bachelor in Audiovisual Communication.

Barbie studied the same careers as I. Photo: Reuters

In these crazy years I collaborated in various events/groups related to the web, entrepreneurship and sustainable mobility through various associations and collectives such as

I have also participated in audiovisual projects, in which I have always valued that the project is so bad that it can not be sold or so good that it can not be released.

How much is the kilo of Francisco Torres?

I have worked in media such as “Granada Hoy” newspaper and “Canal 21” television. In events with Futura Networks and in research with the University of Granada.

Currently I work for my own firm, GIGA4, where we develop groovy websites for groovy people.

And this comes to say

Banging on the keyboards

I work as a programmer, on my table there is an object with more than 100 buttons that I punch in a strangely rhythmic way until I get the machines to do something for me. Until now I haven’t managed to resuscitate Robocop.

I am not a woman

By a little, in the end I am a man, but not that much.

Oh, I'm recording you!

I enjoy filming, it’s like a picnic but with something to do, if you have a wig and are fun, there has to be something wrong to won’t be your cameraman.

Ring Ring

I am a flower-power cyclist, I travel with it and I do sports/touristic routes. If you use motors to move, you are kind of lazy.

This website gives me 2 points of charisma

I like board games, it’s like having fun playing on the street but without having to take drugs. My vetoed game is Risk.


Proud member of the proudest community.

Can you believe it's like that?

More details later.

About me: Banging on the keyboards

Have you ever met that person who sits in front of a computer and spends hours looking at unintelligible letters? Okay, that outrageous strange guy is me.

Software, open software

And I happen to like it, I like it in the same way a pianist likes to compose a melody or a painter likes to recreate a scene. Programming or systems design is a work of intellectual effort but with visible reward, and it is wonderful to see how everything works as you go forward, and how with time and patience the system you create is getting bigger and more functional.

In the same way that a painter wants his works to be seen in a museum, I also expose part of my work. I develop following the open software philosophy, and some works can be seen on my GitHub.


I also earn my living with it, I work as a developer for many years. For more than 7 years I have been focused on advanced back-end web development on WordPress platform with HTML/CSS/PHP/JS technologies and on linux systems with apache/PHP-FPM. Al of this is happening under the GIGA4 firm.

I’m a member of the Col·legi Oficial d’Enginyeria Tècnica en Informàtica de Catalunya.


I am specialized in web development with WordPress, I am part of “the community” and I organize and participate in talks and events, where i can teach and i can learn.


WordPress environment

  • In charge of plugins table for contributors day of WordCamp España Online 2020.
  • Organizer WordCamp Granada 2018WordCamp Europe 2019, WordCamp Granada 2019.
  • Speaker WordCamp Sevilla 2012: Video, PostGroup photo
  • Volunteer WordCamp Sevilla, years 2013 y 2016.
  • Attendant WordCamp Europe, years 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018. WordCamp Madrid 2017, 2018. WordCamp Bilbao 2017. WordCamp Gran Canaria 2018. WordCamp Barcelona 2018.
  • Attendant WPES Camp: Sevilla 2016, Plentzia 2017, Chiclana de la Frontera 2017, Gran Canaria 2018.
  • Co-organizer WordPress Meetup Granada.
  • Speaker WordPress Meetup Granada Septiembre 17: Slides, Twitter.
  • Speaker WordPress Meetup Chiclana Octubre 17: Slides, Twitter, Video.
  • Speaker WordCamp Chiclana Octubre 17. How I am trying to diagnose my food intolerances using WordPress and Machine Learning technology.
  • Theater WordCamp Chiclana Octubre 17: Video.

Open Software Environment

  • Conduction of some workshops of XHTML + CSS in the University of Granada, 2009.
  • Assistant Joomla Day Granada, 2016.
  • Assistant several editions Software Freedom Day.
  • Assistant Open Source World Conference, 2011.
  • Assistant GUADEC Hispano 2007.
  • Assistant to event “Ciudadanía Libre == Conocimiento Libre”.
  • Assistant to “Viernes Técnicos” event runned by the community OpenSolaris Hispano.

Web/Technology environment

  • Done the course 6.002x: Circuits and Electronics by MIT, 2012.
  • Assistant Evento Blog España years 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2016.
  • Co-organization “Iniciador Granada” events, 2009.
  • Work as network technician at Campus Party Millennium event
    , 2011.
  • Founded Asociación de Webmasters de Granada, 2007.
  • Assistant “Nuevos retos web y móvil” event, 2012.
  • Assistant interQué, several editions.
  • Assistant OMExpo, 2013.
  • Assistant presentation Google Glass by Antonio Zugaldia, 2013.
  • Assistant Spark, telecentre congress, 2013.

About me: Oh, i’m recording you!

Communication is the basis of life in society, it’s emotional, makes you laugh, cry, keeps you informed and uninformed, entertains, educates, solve cultural confrontations and creates them, etc.

I have always believed in communication as an element to create “breadth of view”, I love to contribute with something new and give a different point of view.

Journalism, journalism freedom

One of the things that I feel most proud of is to have done journalism for my city.

For several years I have written articles in Granada, a negative-profits organization (We support it with our personal incomes) that reports on public transport and sustainable mobility.

The rewarding part of this work is to have done a completely free journalism, where the topics are obtained directly from “the street”, you talk about them because they passionate you, the affirmations are based on data and research, and you give them directly to the public without going through a censor.

The Audiovisual

I love the surprising and funny productions, my reference could be “Pedro Almodóvar”, for his chaotic narrative where the fun joins the strange, the extroverted, the irreverent and the unusual.

My audiovisual work has almost-always been behind the camera, I have a technical character but I also take part in the creative process. I know mostly camera and audio recording, and filming organization, although I can not consider myself an expert in anything because my experience here is limited.



  • editor. Online reference on public transport and sustainable mobility. Awards: ¡Muéveteverde! 2010, bitácoras 2010, transport consortium of Madrid 2012. Since 2009 up to now.
  • Assistant-Collaborator at event “Blogs y Medios de Comunicación” (Blogs and Media) several years. 2008,2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.
  • TV Workshop in Canal 21 TV, 2010.
  • Producer of first live broadcasts for the municipal council of Granada, #plenogr, 2012.
  • Attendance at the conference of Communication and Justice, 2010.



  • Steadicam training, 2009.
  • Organization of event “Paqui Day”, meeting with the fans of La Paqui, 2009.
  • Meetings with Flickr Granada photography community and participation in exhibitions.
  • Interactive Audiovisual Creativity Course at the University of Málaga, 2011.
  • Film and Comic Course, 2009.
  • HDR Photography workshop, 2007.

About me: Ring Ring

The bicycle is the simplest, most effective and safest application of the wheel to a human being for its displacement.

Cycling, I love you.

Mountain bike, for the city, fixie, tandem, folding, with panniers. The bicycle has as many forms as needs.

Why love it? For me it is a fast way to travel around our cities that respects the environment and space, as well as a great tool for physical exercise outside the city while you interact with the environment.

Have you challenged you today?

My usual routes run through different dirt roads around Granada, mountain and plains, this routes are usually about 13 to 20 km, with an approximate duration of 1 to 1.5 hours.

Although I have had more special routes:

My bike

At this moment I have a Conor AFX 8500 (2016) of 29” with two ortlieb waterproof panniers.


  • Attendance to the Popular University of the Bicycle. Montcada i Reixat, Barcelona. 2013.
  • Participation in the development of the Andalusian public goverment plan for cyclists.
  • Attendance to Barcelona’s critical bike event, 2012.
  • Attendance to different cycling marchings in Granada, organized by different organizations, 2009-now.


  • 2009 - 2011

    Graduate in Audiovisual Communication

    University of Granada
  • 2005 - 2009

    Technical engineer in Information Technology

    University of Granada



  • 2012 - Present


    Megaboss, WordPress back-end consultant and developer, BOFH
  • 2011

    SiliconSaidin Networks

    Network and Technical Support
  • 2010

    Canal 21 TV

    Ayudante de Cámara
  • 2010

    University of Granada

    Content editor
  • 2010

    David Eating Films

    Audiovisual technician
  • 2008

    Granada Hoy Newspaper

    Systems administrator
  • 2008

    University of Granada

    Software developer for Research Support

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